Local Feature: Eso + Embrace Your Inner

“Whether it’s hosting Artistik Lounge, showing off Memphis in a Choose901 film, or performing alongside bandmate Siphne Sylve, Brandon “Eso” Tolson is proving himself to be one of Memphis’ most influential creative voices.”

“Embrace Your Inner Memphis” Shirts by Eso Tolson – Favorite Find

“The beautiful hand lettering created by designer and creative director Eso Tolson captures attention in and of itself, but when the message that the letters form are just as rich, the artwork reaches a whole new realm. Eso has taken one particular message and wears it boldly on a shirt: “Embrace You Inner Memphis.”

“Embrace Your Inner” Creator Eso Tolson Featured on “Behind Bluff City” Podcast

“In this episode the dynamic duo interviews transplant Eso Tolson. Originally from East St. Louis, IL, Eso Tolson, is what you would call a Freelance Creative Director/Designer. He enjoys brand identity design and developing creative content. He is passionate about music, typography, pop culture, and inner city life. He is the creative genius behind the ‘Embrace Your Inner’ movement in Memphis. ”

Connecting Memphis Blog: Eso Tolson

“The concept for ‘Embrace Your Inner Memphis’ came from a conversation I had with a friend. I sketched out the design, posted it on social media, it got more likes than probably any design I’ve ever done, and people started asking for it on shirts. ”